AMNY Op-Ed | Congestion Mitigation is a must for New York City

By Patrick W. Condren | Administrator of the BUS4NYC Coalition Inc. Congestion Mitigation is vital for NYC today. The MTA Board at their meeting made next steps in the Central Business District Tolling Program. Recommendations include the recognition of privately owned commuter bus operators. Over the last 120 years, NYC public transport was primarily served […]

Statement In Response to the Traffic Mobility Review Board (TMRB) regarding private buses under the Central Business District Tolling Program (CBDTP)

December 6, 2023 BUS4NYC Coalition Inc. would like to point out the following in support of bus exemption. · There are vital commuter bus companies serving the NY riding public CBD that are NOT under government contract, but provide daily commuter service, including participation in the National Transit Database that generates funding for New York […]

BUS4NYC Participates in 8/29/2022 CBDTP Public Hearing and featured on NY1

August 29, 2022 Good afternoon, I will be brief.  My name is Patrick Condren, of BUS4NYC Coalition Inc, a group of regional privately owned bus operators founded in 2019, just before the Pandemic.  BUS4NYC members provide the riding public with commuter, inter-city, contract, charter, sightseeing, shuttle and tour, travel, services. BUS4NYC supports Congestion Mitigation efforts.  BUS4NYC […]

BUS4NYC Comments to MTA CBDTP Hearings re Congestion Pricing : Transportation Equity in Private/Public owned Buses for the benefit of the riding public

The Central Business District Tolling Plan (CBDTP) Environmental Assessment (EA) identifies environmental benefits. The EA, is based on modeling of seven tolling scenarios within the CBD Tolling Alternative, with different combinations of potential exemptions, discounts and/or crossing credits and the resultant toll rates.  The EA includes a review of topics regarding regional air quality and […]

Statement for Congestion Relief in NYC

A bus is the most efficient, environmentally friendly, mobility vehicle for public transport in NYC. Congestion relief is best achieved by a bus, whether private or public authority owned. Bus passengers replace up to 55 cars. BUS ONLY lanes are proven to be successful. Buses produce the lowest amount of CO2 per passenger; have the […]

New York Daily News Op-Ed What buses and their riders deserve: Commit to more dedicated lanes, just as city is doing with bikes By GLENN EVERY and ANDREW LYNCH NEW YORK DAILY NEWS |DEC 04, 2019  Our roads are too crowded with cars, including Uber, Lyft and other for-hire services, and our subways are struggling. Add the annual crush of trucks delivering Christmas presents and you might as well walk. But so many proposed solutions to the transit crises ignore — […]