BUS4NYC Participates in 8/29/2022 CBDTP Public Hearing and featured on NY1

August 29, 2022

CBDTP Hearing

Good afternoon, I will be brief.  My name is Patrick Condren, of BUS4NYC Coalition Inc, a group of regional privately owned bus operators founded in 2019, just before the Pandemic. 

BUS4NYC members provide the riding public with commuter, inter-city, contract, charter, sightseeing, shuttle and tour, travel, services. BUS4NYC supports Congestion Mitigation efforts. 

BUS4NYC has presented to New York City and State Transportation representatives, that all buses are part of the solution to congestion; NOT part of the problem.  

Good examples in NYC are the use of dedicated Bus Lanes. Since 2020, Manhattan’s 14th Street BUSWAY has been successful,  “designed to prioritize moving the most people safely and reliably”. We also note that, significant members of Environmental Justice Communities utilize all bus services. 

Just one 55 passenger bus may displace 55 automobiles on a roadway. 

Buses are environmentally clean and the NYC riding public is served daily by public and privately owned buses and should maintain parity relevant to Tolls, consistent with the intent of the F.A.S.T. Act.  

Stockholm, London, Singapore treat all buses with Parity and exempt all buses from Congestion Pricing Tolls. The current MTA CBDTP tolling scenarios include this option to provide exemption for all buses and we support this choice. 

BUS4NYC has also submitted statements and comment to the CBDTP including Street Equity charts prepared by industry experts demonstrating the efficiency and positive impacts of utilizing a Bus. 

Our website is www.bus4nyc.org

Thank you.

Patrick Condren


FULL VIDEO OF HEARING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSIrdtUCniI&t=7047s


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