BUS4NYC Comments to MTA CBDTP Hearings re Congestion Pricing : Transportation Equity in Private/Public owned Buses for the benefit of the riding public

The Central Business District Tolling Plan (CBDTP) Environmental Assessment

(EA) identifies environmental benefits. The EA, is based on modeling of seven tolling scenarios within the CBD Tolling Alternative, with different combinations of potential exemptions, discounts and/or crossing credits and the resultant toll rates.

 The EA includes a review of topics regarding regional air quality and transportation. Some of these scenarios include toll exemption for buses, large buses, which we support in New York, as is in other cities ( London, Stockholm, Singapore ) currently utilizing Congestion Pricing Programs.  Such cities recognize buses as part of the solution for congestion, with beneficial environmental effects a result.  Please accept the comments below, for review and consideration by the Traffic Review Mobility Board.

– Buses, Large Buses, are the most efficient forms of mass transport for all passengers and minimize congestion.

– A single bus with 55 passengers often replaces 55 automobiles = Congestion Mitigation.

– A Bus is environmentally clean with just opportunities for all. = Clean air engine/emissions technology.

– The NY riding public is served daily by both Private and Public Agency Operated bus entities. = Parity in mass transit/transport.

– Stockholm, London, Singapore and other cities with Congestion Pricing Programs exempt BUSES as they are considered MASS TRANSPORTATION = Private and Public bus vehicles are NOT charged a Congestion Fee.

– NYC and NYS acknowledge the benefit to the riding public for utilization with access to BUS LANES =  Public Benefit for all bus passengers.

– Regarding consideration of CBDTP, both Private and Public Buses, should maintain Parity relevant to TOLLS consistent with the intent of the F.A.S.T.Act = Initiatives to mitigate congestion with utilization of buses.

– Buses include Local Transit, Contract, Shuttle, Commuter, Inter-City, Tour/Travel/Charter, Sightseeing units serving the RIDING PUBLIC. = Part of the Mass Transport System for passengers.

 I am registered to speak at the upcoming public hearings and look forward to presenting these comments again at that time.

Thank you,


Patrick Condren

Patrick W. Condren


August 22, 2022