Truth About Buses

Think you know buses? There are many myths about this form of mass transportation but here are the facts:


FACT Per American Bus Association Foundation, each bus potentially takes 55 cars off the road, reduces congestion, saves fuel and significantly reduces emissions.
FACT The BUS industry is a viable transportation solution, a critical economic engine powering NYC business and tourism marketplace.
FACT Private buses in NYC have experienced a rise in non-safety related tickets, reduced parking options, and overburdened drivers who must comply with mandated driving hour limits.
FACT Buses in NYC reduce congestion and air pollution. Efficiencies include a busload of passengers traveling together, not in separate vehicles to the same place.
FACT Private buses provide public transport, especially in local transit deserts. Buses deliver a safe ride to millions of tourists, commuters and area residents.
FACT BUS4NYC supports congestion pricing and agrees with the Fix NYC report recommending all buses should be exempt. Before the plan is implemented, the riding public needs equality in how investments are made.
FACT With the elimination of hundreds of spots, areas and zones once utilized for temporary parking for buses, drivers are often forced to remain in motion for longer periods of time which impacts overall quality of life for both the driver and the streets on which they operate.
FACT According to an extensive scientific study conducted on behalf of the American Bus Association, today’s modern fleet of buses use the least amount of energy and produce the lowest carbon dioxide emissions per passenger mile as compared to van pools, heavy rail, commuter rail, light rail and trolleys.