October 14, 2021
New York, NY (September 29, 2021) – In the recent issue of Crain’s New York Business dedicated to the role that tourism is playing in the resurgence of the City, we find Ms. Wylde’s stated desire to rid the City of tour buses to be woefully misguided. Buses are not only environmentally friendly; the most...
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A bus is the most efficient, environmentally friendly, mobility vehicle for public transport in NYC. Congestion relief is best achieved by a bus, whether private or public authority owned. Bus passengers replace up to 55 cars. BUS ONLY lanes are proven to be successful. Buses produce the lowest amount of CO2 per passenger; have the...
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About Us

BUS4NYC is a NYC-based and -focused advocacy group comprised of private bus company owners – and related business and associations – promoting the industry as a viable transportation solution and local economic driver.

The group is responsible for raising the industry’s overall profile in NYC through sustained education and public awareness campaigns, which seek out supportive public policies that will encourage the growth of the private bus company.