Congestion Suggestion: Get on the Bus! One bus takes 55 cars off the road, alleviating traffic on NYC streets

Congestion Suggestion: Get on the Bus! One bus takes 55 cars off the road, alleviating traffic on NYC streets

Bus advocacy group releases music playlist of songs to get commuters in the bus-traveling mood

(New York, NY – September 2019) – School kids aren’t the only ones that should hop on the bus every day, it’s time to urge the adults to get on the bus. BUS4NYC, a nonprofit advocacy coalition of private bus operators, has put together a Spotify playlist to get commuters to BUSt-A-Move by boarding aboveground mass transit. The publicly available playlist entitled, “BUS4NYC Get on the Bus” contains 12 songs for all ages, ranging from Bruce Springsteen’s, “Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?” to “Get on the Bus” by Destiny’s Child. Check out the playlist by clicking here.

The inspiration behind the playlist is a call-to-action to its listeners to leave their cars at home and instead hop on board New York City’s extensive public and private network of buses, as these vehicles provide a safe, viable transportation solution to the congestion problem. Buses are the most trusted transit method to take children to and from summer camp and school, delivering them safely and on time. Mass transit works, and it’s the answer to congestion.

“Taking cars off the road is music to our ears,” said BUS4NYC President, Glenn Every. “We take 55 cars off the road, reducing congestion, saving fuel and significantly cutting emissions.”

BUS4NYC member companies operating in New York City have seen a meteoric rise in non-safety related tickets, ever-shrinking parking options, and overburdened drivers struggling to comply with mandated driving hour limits – all symptoms of unmanageable street congestion. Their suggestion? Listen to the BUS4NYC playlist and save a car, ride a bus!  The full list of songs on the playlist include:

  1. Wheels on the Bus – Raffi, Ken Whiteley
  2. Bus Route – Tyler Childers
  3. Bus Stop – The Hollies
  4. Magic Bus – The Who
  5. Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street? – Bruce Springsteen
  6. Kiss Me on the Bus – The Replacements
  7. Bus Rider – The Guess Who
  8. Get On the Bus – Destiny’s Child, Timbaland
  9. National Express – The Divine Comedy
  10. The Bus Song – Jay Som
  11. I Missed the Bus – Kris Kross
  12. America – Simon & Garfunkel

Operators involved in the coalition include Big Bus, Academy and Westpoint Tours as well as National Express, the operator of inspiration for The Divine Comedy’s 1999 top ten hit song, “National Express,” which is based on Neil Hannon’s observations of life from the window of a National Express coach bus and appears on the BUS4NYC Get on the Bus playlist.